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Keeps you at full power longer, even when its hot or you are tired 

The Performance choice of Champions and Olympic winners since 2004

Katusha Recovery at the Tour of Austria.

Gives you the winning advantage!

Helps you focus on performance  

Gives you more power
Keeps your heart rate lower

Reduces energy loss

​Reduces fatigue

Stops bruising, keeps you in the game.  

  • More protection to Stop Impact Bruising 

  • Spray on your own T-shirt or underwear

including Hockey equipment and even skates  Pads Helmets,Gloves, on the socks ,suit cuffs, anything that you would like to turn into a cooling machine and stop impact bruising !

It also gets pads to smell better by killing bacteria ;-)

Use Liquid Ice Performance Bands
spray the inside of the bands and wear
them on your wrist or fore arm (or both),
ankle, knee -

Energizes and Cools for 2-3 hours! 

Spray the socks for example at halftime of  a soccer match, for more leg strength and better endurance in the second half. 

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