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Better than ice:


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Stay Cool

Imagine revitalizing your body during or after outdoor sports endeavors.
Simply spray it on tight fitting clothing and it cools by itself within a minute or two.

It always cools, no matter how hot your surrounding temperatures are, or how hot your body is running. It keeps cooling at the same temperature for as long as it is still moist on your clothing.

This is also a tremendous help when you're working outside in summer, like gardening etc. With Liquid Ice you can keep going and going...

Liquid Ice offers cooling without prior refrigeration of the spray and helps you stay at your best.

Wherever you would use Ice - Liquid Ice works better

Do you sometimes use ice to ease discomfort?  Liquid Ice works so much better!

It cools about 5° at the skin's surface, which is ideal. Ice is basically too cold, which is why you must not leave it on for more than 20 minutes (freezer burn!)
Liquid Ice is different, you can keep it on for hours, there is no time limit, therefore it is way more effective as ice.

LIQUID ICE - Evaporative Cooling for the Body

Simply spray Liquid Ice on your own tight fitting clothing or wristbands.

The evaporative cooling starts by itself and lasts up to hours (depending on the material used)

Comfortable, safe and effective.

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