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For use under personal protection equipment in stress situations 

Proven by the German Red Cross during the Ebola Crisis in Liberia 

to extend wear time and help focus and concentration..

Gives you the winning advantage!

Helps you focus on stressful situations  

Gives you more power
Keeps your heart rate lower

Reduces energy loss

​Reduces core temperature and fatigue



Liquid Ice Self cooling shirts have been tested in Africa and up to 250 degrees to keep firemen cool and active. 


You can also spray your own undershirt and turn it into a cooling machine, cottun undergarments treated with Liquid Ice have shown to cool up to 1 hour sweat is reduced better vision under the masks and reduced energy loss contribute to a more effective and comfortable protective emergency situation

Use Liquid Ice Performance Bands
spray the inside of the bands and wear
them on your wrist or/ and fore arm,
ankle, knee - Energizes and

Cools for 2-3 hours! 

Using the bands during the day helps keep energy level and perspiration to a minimum.

Teams are simply more efffective when keeping cool.

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