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Liquid Ice is "Spray-on-Recovery"

Recovery time and Efficiency has become the major factor in the world of competitive sports as well as everyday life. Liquid Ice has helped many athletes get ready for the next competition, but it also helps pretty much anybody in everyday life. 


Liquid Ice Recovery on the Go

Where and when you need it!


Liquid Ice Recovery is effective, easy to use and comfortable.

Liquid Ice performance and recovery shirts can be used during the day, under your street clothes.


Liquid Ice recovery pants can also be worn under your own pants,  in the office or on long flights to prevent swollen legs.

Benefits of the Liquid Ice Compression Wear:


  • liqht compression accellerates recovery by optimizing flow of edema
  • Made from positively charged, cationic Polyester, Helps regenerate cells faster
  • Stretches in 4 directions, tight to your skin, extremely comfortable to wear
  • Equalizes pressure in the legs (reduces swollen legs)
  • Anti-bacterial

World class ahtletes, excited by their Liquid Ice Recovery