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Your opponent is not the heat you face          

Your opponent is your heat you bring into your performance.

Take it out!!

Liquid Ice Performance and recovery has been the choice of Champions since 2008. Liquid Ice Technology has been used since the Athens Olympics as well as in Bejing and London, to help athletes win more medals.

Liquid Ice reduces dehydration through evaporative cooling technology, that optimizes body temperature.

Liquid Ice is proven do reduce the amount of your body fluids, that are sent to the skin surface - as sweat. This effect reduces the amount of electrolytes lost and keeps the body fluids inside the body, where you need them most.



Liquid Ice Performance also works, when it is very humid and the body reaches ist dew point (100% humidity, for example due to your Equipment)

Liquid Ice extracts heat at the surface, making cooling possible even in closed Systems.

It optimizes your core temperature and helps your Body maintain the target temperature of 37° Celsius.

This is why you have more energy for your Performance!